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8 Essential Products to Enhance your Sheep Farm in 2022

8 Essential Products to Enhance your Sheep Farm in 2022

Published: 07-07-2022 on

Here at Huber Ag Equipment, we are always on the look-out for amazing agriculture tools that make your life as a farmer, rancher, or homesteader easier.

If you are looking for the most innovative products on the market, that work great and will make your life easier as a farmer look no further. Here are our top 8 products for sheep producers.

Table of Contents

  1. Heatwave Milk Warmer - Learn More
  2. Combi-Clamp - Learn More
  3. Ritchie Power Draft - Learn More
  4. Ritchie Panels - Learn More
  5. Ritchie Portable Sheep Races - Learn More
  6. Ritchie Lambing Jug Panels - Learn More
  7. Advantage Feeders - Learn More
  8. Jug Waterers - Learn More

Product Overviews

Heatwave - Buy Now

The HEATWAVE MILK WARMER™ uses heat exchange technology to heat milk on demand. It is suitable for feeding lambs, calves and goat kids. It feeds up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/kids and is suitable for powdered milk or whole milk. It’s also hygienic, as the milk is stored cold. 120 Volt HEATWAVE is approved for US and Canada. 

Key Benefit:

  • Increase the rate of gain on your young stock with the HEATWAVE cost effective milk feeding system that is easy to clean!

Combi-Clamp - Buy Now

The Combi Clamp Sheep & Goat Handling System allows you to process your sheep & goats quietly with much more efficiency and less stress on the livestock as well as on you the producer, both physically and mentally! You can use it for crutching, weighing, sorting, vaccinating, drenching, trimming feet, preg checking, etc. with record breaking speed. I have had customers report records of processing 800-1,000 ewes per hour with just 2 people. 

There is a great flow as animals don't constantly have gates slamming in their face and can see the sheep in front of them. It is run by a simple foot pedal that even our 10 year old can use.

Ritchie Power Draft - Coming Soon

The Ritchie Power Draft is the next level of sheep and goat sorting. Allowing you to operate the gate at the push of a button. Additional features like automated drafting based on weight available when you combine the PowerDraft with the Tru-Test Indicators.

Key Benefits:

  • It is operable from the working position at the clamp
  • This gate attaches easily to the exit end of the Combi Clamp 3669G
  • This gate allows easy drafting to either side or a straight run through
  • 3 Way Powerdraft unit is powered using 12V battery in conjunction with a Tru-test Ezi Weigh 7i, ID5000 or XR5000 indicator.


Ritchie Feeding Panels

Horizontal Sheep Feed Barrier (no trough)  - Buy Now

With this Sheep Feed Barrier, all you need to do is lay out your feed for your sheep and they will be able to move their head through the fence to reach their food. 



Key Benefits

  • Adjustable Height Feed Rails
  • Can be used as a hurdle or hinged for a gate.

Horizontal Sheep Feed Barrier (with trough) - Buy Now

With this barrier, feeding trough section pivots in and out of the pen, allowing feed to be changed outside the pen and moved to the ewes. Making it easy to provide feed for the sheep without opening the gate.

Fill the trough on one side and tip it into the pen to feed. 



Key Benefits:

  • Feed Trough  locks with a spring bolt
  • Can be used as a hurdle or hinged as a gate


Ritchie Portable Sheep Races - See Systems

Ritchie has put together a list of sheep race packages to help you get your system set-up with the least amount of clicks. 

Simply add one of the Starter Systems featured below to your cart instead of piecing together your own system, or contact us for a custom designed system.

Starter Sheep System

Starter System - Buy Now

This is a great set of panels if you are just starting out or have a small homestead. These panels are easy to transport and set-up anywhere that you need to sort and organize your sheep. 



Trombone Sheep System

Trombone System - Buy Now

If you have more than group of sheep that you want to keep separated while you are sorting the first batch then this is the sheep system for you. Includes more panels than the starter system for bigger herds.




Ritchie Extended Trombone System

Extended Trombone System - Buy Now

The extended Trombone System is for Large Sheep Producers that need more space to store sheep as they are processing them. With 4 large areas to store and sort the herd, you can stay organized with ease.




Economy Lambing Jug Panels - Buy Now

  • Pin together for easy assembly (pin included)
  • 7 horizontal rails with an overall height of 968 mm which allows for easy access to and from pens
  • Internal venting for improved bio security
  • All steelwork is hot dipped galvanized finish


All Ritchie Sheep handling equipment has safe edged sheeting to prevent cuts and abrasions. On the straight sheeted sections the sheet is folded over the frame and the joints are recessed for strength. Heavy-duty paneling is used for long working life. 

Advantage Feeders - Explore All Options

After many years of raising cattle, goats and sheep, one of our goals has been to find an effective livestock feeder. We have found Advantage Feeders to be an excellent way of self-rationing feed without waste. The little bit and often feeding capabilities help keep the PH in their rumen more balanced which benefits them in so many ways.  It also allows you to limit feed a higher starch type of feed such as barley vs. oats and increase your bottom line.

Advantage Feeders can be used for all ages and stages of Cattle, Sheep and Goats. Ask us how these feeders have helped other producers in efficiency and achieving better gain with less grain. Huber Ag Equipment is excited to be able to sell these cattle, goat and sheep feeders in Canada. 

Available in Multiple Sizes:

200 HD - Holds 200 lbs of barley - Buy Now

The 200HD feeder is becoming popular for 4-H calves as they have been known to get better growth results with less grain due to the little bit and often feedings throughout the day vs. just getting grain once or twice a day.  This helps to keep their PH in their rumen more balanced and keeps it healthier. 




Mineral Attachment - Buy Now

The Advantage Feeders Mineral Attachment holds 240 lbs of lose mineral and helps to keep the mineral dry as well as from contamination. This mineral attachment can mount directly onto the Advantage Feeders or hang over a fence, or be mounted on T-Posts out in pasture. It is made out of high quality material and has a 2 year warranty.  There are a variety of other uses for this mineral attachment such as a dog feeder, creep feeder or a feeder for dairy calves.


2500 HD - Holds 2500 lbs of barley. - Buy Now

The 2500HD Advantage Feeder comes with a creep panel for sheep and goats on both sides. The optional partition in the middle of the feeder allows you more options such as the ability to control feed mothers on one side while creep feeding their offspring on the other. The pockets for pallet forks make it easy to move the feeder around. 


5300 HD - Holds 5300 lbs of barley. - Buy Now

The 5300HD Advantage Feeder comes with a creep panel for sheep and goats on both sides. This size feeder with a larger tank is great for feedlot use or Control Feeding replacements.









Jug Waterers - Explore Options

Open bowl design, with up to 4 bowls for high-traffic areas.

Straight forward use for animals, with no flaps to lift, balls to push, or floats to move out of the way, and clean fresh water easily visible and available.

Water is kept clean and free of bacteria, feed, and algae. Any feed on the face of the animal is either ingested by the animal in the process of drinking, or captured in a feed trap to avoid contaminating the water reservoir. Anytime the animal drinks, the water is circulated as fresh, clean water enters the drinking bowl.

Easy access with inspection cover, and easy external adjustment of water level provided to livestock.

Energy Free Waterer* options available for cold climates that only use 65W of energy and can run on less than $10 of energy for the entire year.

**Save 3240 kWh of energy during winter for every 1500W waterer that you replace with a Jug Waterer. (Calculated at 3 months * 1.5kW * 24 hrs)

View All Options


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