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About Us

Huber Ag Equipment- the Business:

Located north of Coronation, Alberta, Huber Ag Equipment is committed to selling and supporting quality equipment lines across Western Canada.

Marlin Huber – the Equipment Guy:

Marlin has always enjoyed equipment and his vehicle has always had a way of veering off into equipment lots. He has a lot of experience operating many kinds of farming equipment. He has been a salesman for John Deere for over 5 years and has sold equipment for Case as well. He loves finding the right equipment for a farmer or as he puts it “the right tool for the job”.

The Huber Clan – Family and Farm:

Marlin and his wife Myrna have 6 children: Jalycia, Jaydon, Kylan, Krystalee, Layton and Laryssa. Besides the regular running around with sports etc., the family works hard on the farm trying to get a first generation farm established. They have sheep, cattle, horses, livestock guardian dogs as well as crop land. They often have some very cute Tornjak cross puppies for sale. Tornjak is a LGD breed with bloodlines from Croatia. They are also really excited about using the Combi Clamp Sheep handling system as well as the Advantage Feeders that they bring into Canada. Check them out here!