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RiteHeight Sprayer Boom Height Control


Reduce spray drift, improve spray coverage, work faster and safer. 

RiteHeight keeps the sprayer booms automatically at a consistent height, eliminating the need for manual height adjustments in hilly terrain and minimizing the risk of boom contact with the ground.

The rugged ultrasonic range sensors continually monitor and maintain the height of the booms above the ground or crop canopy, giving you more consistent spray height, better spray coverage, and reduced drift.

  • Easy to Install: It only requires the installation of two sensors and simple electrical connections. Automatically adjusts to the sprayers’ hydraulic performance.
  • Choose from Three Operating Modes for optimum performance and stable operation:
    • Bare Ground
    • Partial Canopy
    • Full Canopy
  • Upgrade options available, including self-calibration, new sensors, and compatibility options for sprayers and displays