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Fluid Handling & More

Huber Ag Equipment has a variety of products to help with handling fluid, etc. Some of the great products to make this fluid handling easier come from Macnaught.

Huber Ag Equipment is a Canadian based authorized re-seller of the high quality Macnaught products. Macnaught’s line of Fluid Handling products come with an industry leading 10 year warranty. Globally tested under the harshest conditions.

 The Battery Oil Pump is specifically designed for dispensing oil from both 5-gallon and 16-gallon containers.  The same pump can be used for multiple stem kits. Try out the new Macnaught BOP20 or BOP60 and free up your time and energy!

  • $20.00

    Lumax Quart Fluid Pump - LX-1340


    The Quart Fluid Pump from Lumax is a simple yet durable plastic pump that makes transferring fluids easy.  It is ideal for adding fluids to fluid r...

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  • $25.00

    Lumax Multi-purpose Fluid Transfer and Siphon Pump Kit -LX-1345


    Description: Easy to use, Highly Versatile Multi-use Pump - works for Fluid Transfer, Siphon and Air-inflation. Comes with extra-long hoses for ...

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  • $6.25

    Lumax Two Piece Funnel with Flex Spout 1 Qt. - LX-1609 & 1610


    Specifications: A Multi-purpose, two-piece Funnel with Detachable Flexible Spout Ideal for a Multitude of Applications. Perfect for any Oil ...

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  • from $615.00

    Retracta R3-RACR Adjustable Return Hose Reel


    With the R3 RACR you can Easily Adjust the Hose Return Speed. It is safer for users because you eliminate hose whip.  Protect your equipment and v...

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    from $615.00
  • from $320.00

    Rectracta Reels – R3 Standard Hose Reels with 10 Year Limited Warranty


    For over 30 years, the Macnaught Retracta brand of hose reels has revolutionized Hose Reel performance expectations. Now with our R3 offering, Macn...

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    from $320.00
  • from $70.00

    BOP20/60 Oil Pump Systems


    There's never been a smarter pump. Designed and made in Australia, the Macnaught BOP20/60 battery operated pumps are designed to improve workshop e...

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    from $70.00