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Jug waterer Clean fresh water always

JUG Waterers - "Clean Fresh Water, Always!"

JUG Waterers keep your livestock's water fresh and clean.

Open bowl design, with up to 4 bowls for high-traffic areas.

Straight forward use for animals, with no flaps to lift, balls to push, or floats to move out of the way, and clean fresh water easily visible and available.

Water is kept clean and free of bacteria, feed, and algae. Any feed on the face of the animal is either ingested by the animal in the process of drinking, or captured in a feed trap to avoid contaminating the water reservoir. Anytime the animal drinks, the water is circulated as fresh, clean water enters the drinking bowl.

Easy access with inspection cover, and easy external adjustment of water level provided to livestock.

Primarily regulated via thermal energy. In colder climates, a small 65-watt heater may be needed to assist with keeping the water warm, at a average electrical cost of $10.00 for an entire season. Super insulated with urethane foam to conserve heat loss.

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