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Health & Management, etc.

  • $1,395.00


    Pyon Products

    Increase the rate of gain on your young stock with the HEATWAVE cost effective milk feeding system that is easy to clean! The HEATWAVE MILK WARM...

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  • $2.95

    Heatwave Calf Teat

    Pyon Products

    The Heatwave Milk Warmer comes with 4 calf teats. Extras can be purchased so you don't need to worry about running out.

  • calf 1pc Z Tag blue

    Z Tags 1 pc Calf Printed tag (25 units-pkg)

    Remedy Animal Health

    Ear Cow Tags conveniently stamped in packages of 25 each.  To purchase cow tags click here Related products.  Z Tags 1pc Applicator.

  • $60.00

    VS Injector - Simcro


    Simcro VS Injector Designed for swine and beef producers, the Simcro VS Injector gives you ultimate flexibility to protect you, your staff, your...

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  • from $330.00

    Te Pari LPG Calf Dehorners

    Te Pari

    QUICK, EFFECTIVE AND EFFICIENT. The Te Pari LPG Calf Dehorner is a NZ-made, fully portable LPG gas fired unit that will constantly maintain a high ...

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    from $330.00
  • from $44.95

    Grober Bovine Dried Colostrum - Calf's Choice Total

    Grober Nutrition

    Grober's High Quality Calf Colostrum can be purchased in 470grams or 47kg packaging. Natural bovine dried colostrum replaces or supplements matern...

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    from $44.95
  • $10.00

    VS Non-Needle Guard Assembly -Simcro


    Non-Needle Guard Assembly. Use with Simcro VS Injector guns.

  • $17.00

    Spares Kit for Te Pari Dosing Guns

    Te Pari

    The Spares Kit can be purchased for the 14ml and 70ml Te Pari Dosing Gun barrels.    Check out what the Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun can do for y...

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  • $14.00

    Hose Kit for Te Pari Dosing Guns

    Te Pari

    The Hose Kit with Springs can be purchased for the 14ml and 70ml Te Pari Dosing Gun barrels.    Check out what the Te Pari Revolution Dosing Gun ca...

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  • from $230.00

    Te Pari Barrel Assembly including Piston for Dosing Guns

    Te Pari

    Te Pari Dosing Gun Barrel Assembly including piston can be purchased separately in 6ml, 14ml or 70ml sizes.  Buying an extra barrel assembly can ma...

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    from $230.00
  • from $650.00

    Te Pari Easy Dose Gun- Reduce Hand Strain with All-Day Comfort

    Te Pari

    The EasyDose™ Gun from Te Pari is the easiest Injector or Syringe on the market. Designed to reduce hand strain with all day comfort. Perfect for a...

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    from $650.00
  • $3,195.00

    Ranchhand Calf Catcher

    Fuch's Farm Supply

    Ranchhand Calf Catcher The Ranchhand Calf Catcher makes every calving season safer and easier. Whether its one calf or lots of wild range cattle o...

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  • $85.00

    Spare Dehorner head for Te Pari LPG Calf Dehorners

    Te Pari

    The Te Pari LPG Calf Dehorner comes standard with the 18 mm dehorning tips. Sizes 14mm, 16mm, 18mm, and 20mm tips can be purchased as spares.   

  • $525.00

    Ritchie - Calf Creep Panel - 1049G


     Main features:  Robust unit with easily adjusted header rail to exclude cows from feed area Easily located using joining pins Hot dipped galvan...

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  • from $3,125.00

    Ritchie Calf Weighing Crate on Wheels - 345G & 345GE & 345G-100


    The Ritchie calf weighing and dehorning crate is fitted with a digital load cell for accurate measurements and has fully sheeted sides with entry g...

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    from $3,125.00
  • $7,250.00

    Ritchie Calving Cube - 320CALF


    Spring, autumn or year-round calving, the Ritchie Calving Cube is a versatile asset for any cattle breeder. The rigid steel frame weighs approximat...

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  • $1,550.00

    Te Pari Revolution Smart Dosing Guns

    Te Pari

    The Electronic Auto Dosing Gun system that will redefine animal treatment! Get the exact dose for each animal! Just like the cordless drill hit the...

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  • $1,350.00

    Ritchie Calf Dehorning Chute


    Main features:  Minimizes stress to stock and operator The neck yoke is operated by single lever which automatically locks at any position and is...

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  • $435.00

    Pair Rear Hoof Blocks to aid in Hoof Trimming of Cattle


    Bolt-on assembly to complement the hoof trimming attachments when the rear legs of the animal need to be firmly secured while foot trimming. To fit...

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  • $1,540.00

    Hoof Trimming Kit for Ritchie Cattle Chutes - 339G-880


    Hoof Trimming Attachment fitted to Continental Cattle Handling Crate.Designed to minimize stress to the animal and provide maximum safety for the o...

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