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200HD Advantage Feeder (Formerly 150HD 3in1Feeder)


150 Litre Heavy Duty Advantage Feeder - Holds aprox. 200lbs of barley.  Allows you to Control feed or Free choice Feed Grain to all ages and types of Livestock. This feeder could feed up to 8 cattle or up to 25 head of sheep or goats. 

The 200HD feeder is becoming popular for 4-H calves as they have been known to get better growth results with less grain due to the little bit and often feedings throughout the day vs. just getting grain once or twice a day.  This helps to keep their PH in their rumen more balanced and keeps it healthier. 

Some shipping is included in the price.  Ask us for a quote to ship to you or see if there is pickup location in your area.