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Ritchie Combi Clamp Sheep Handling System and Goat Handling System - UPDATED!!

by Ritchie


The Combi Clamp Sheep & Goat Handling System allows you to process your sheep & goats quietly with much more efficiency and less stress on the livestock as well as on you the producer, both physically and mentally! You can use it for crutching, weighing, sorting, vaccinating, drenching, trimming feet, preg checking, etc. with record breaking speed. I have had customers report records of processing 800-1,000 ewes per hour with just 2 people. 

There is a great flow as animals don't constantly have gates slamming in their face and can see the sheep in front of them. It is run by a simple foot pedal that even our 10 year old can use.


The price shown $7,195 includes the Combi Clamp and the loadup ramp only.

Combi Clamp Options and Accessories:

  • The 3-Way Sorting Gate is usually purchased with the Combi Clamp and included in the picture above. The Auto Sort kit can be added to the sorting gate.
  • The Weigh Kit allows you to weigh animals while working with them. (See options for the Indicator and Load Bars listed with the Weigh Kit)
  • The Tru-Test Stick Reader SRS2 or XRS2 can be hung on the Combi Clamp and be used as instead of a panel reader if set on continuous read. 
  • The Lamb Cushion Wall is a great asset if giving many shots and vaccines to smaller lambs.
  • The Curved Panel Set can be used in a variety of ways to move the sheep into load up ramp.
  • The Wheel Kit makes it possible to pull the Combi Clamp with an ATV, etc. 
  • Check out the other Ritchie Panels and Gates to help build your sheep handling system. 

One of the most commonly sold systems is $14,680 including the Combi Clamp with loadup ramp, 3-way sortlamb cushion wallweigh kitMP800 load bars and Tru-Test 7i Indicator. 

Testimonial : 

We are still loving our Combi Clamp and I can't thank you enough for the unit.  It makes handling our guys so much easier. I seriously love our Combi Clamp!  Tabitha Manil, Stockholm, SK


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