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Gov Funding, pre-order & Personal Update - Sept e-newsletter

September is half way through already and it has been quite a while since we have sent you an update from Huber Ag Equipment. We have some new and newly featured products to tell you about and we are actually going to be at a Trade Show in November again AND we have some exciting news on the personal front - Love is in the Air!!! Read on.....

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you are interested in any Ritchie products for either cattle or sheep please let us know soon as we are working on ordering another container of products to arrive early in the new year.  I do still have quite a few products on hand but it is a challenge to know which items to keep in stock considering how backed up they are at the factory. ATTENTION TO THOSE IN SK- Be advised that right now there is government funding in SK for lambing jugs, Milk Feeders, the Combi Clamp sheep handling system etc. Our advice- Use the funding now rather than later as we don't know what changes Covid19 will bring next! Check out Government Funding in your area - your province may be eligible for various funding as well. 



1. Economy Lambing Jug Panels - Get more info


Main features:  

  • Lightweight and pin together for easy assembly (pin included)
  • 7 horizontal rails with an overall height of 38" which allows for easy access to and from pens
  • Internal venting for improved bio security
  • All steelwork is hot dipped galvanized finish
  • Come in 4, 5, 6, and 8ft lengths

   2.    Ritchie Calving Gate

This Ritchie Calving Gate features a number of unique benefits to help stock farmers improve stock handling safety. Get more info

Main features: 

  • Self locking head-yoke
  • Easily assembled into position using joining pins
  • Hinge round gate, lockable by chain offering good udder access for suckling calves
  • Unique fold-up lower section
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish

3. Heatwave - New to North America!!

Check out the Heatwave automatic milk feeder for bottle lambs and calves. We see so many benefits to this cost effective way to feed your bottle lambs and calves. Learn about it here....

            On a personal note.....

It has definitely been a different year than we had expected or anticipated. Covid has been hard on us all. Amongst all the craziness though our office assistant got married, and our oldest daughter is now engaged!! So our summer has been busy even if Covid has slowed us down in some ways. 

                    Trade shows


Please stop in and say hi to us November 11-13, 2020 as we will be attending Agri-trade 2020. Located at Westerner Park in Red Deer, AB. A reminder that all attendees are asked to pre-register online. There is an option to register on site, but the cost is $25 instead of $15! 

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