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Lamb Jugs and Lamb Adopter

Ritchie Economy Lambing Jug Panels and Lamb Adopter

Is it time to upgrade your lambing barn setup?  Check out the new economy lambing jug panels and the Ritchie lamb adopter....

Introducing the New Economy Lambing Jug Panels by Ritchie!

If you are looking for cost effective, good quality, easy to move lambing jugs this might just be for you. The galvanized economical lambing jug panels have more bars and tighter spacing at the bottom than the regular open rail panels thus making them more suitable for young lambs.  These panels are lightweight and easy to hook together. The weight of the 4 ft panel is 16 lbs, 5 ft is 18 lbs, 6 ft is 21 lbs and the 8ft is 30lbs. The bar type panel makes it easier to hang water troughs or feed trays on. Check out prices here

Main features:  

  • Lightweight and pin together for easy assembly (pin included)
  • 7 horizontal rails with an overall height of 38" which allows for easy access to and from pens
  • Internal venting for improved bio security
  • All steelwork is hot dipped galvanized finish
  • Come in 4ft, 5ft, 6ft and 8ft lengths. 

Ritchie Lamb Adopter


The Ritchie Lamb Adopter makes adopting lambs on to new mom's so much easier. The bars on side help keep the ewe from swinging her back end around as much and still allows the lamb to get under the bars for drinking. The head lock bars are adjustable in width and allow the ewe to lay down as well as eat and drink. The sheeted metal around her head keep her from seeing or smelling the lamb that is sucking. Check out prices here

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Contact us for more information.

Marlin & Myrna Huber

Huber Ag Equipment

1-844-HuberAg (482-3724)

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