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Pyon Heatwave Milk Warmer

Pyon Heatwave Milk Warmer

We are excited to announce another new product we are bringing into North America!! Are you looking for a cost effective and better way to get milk to your bottle calves or bottle lambs?  We have been using a milk machine for our lambs that premixes milk and we already see some benefits to using this new Heatwave system instead. Here are some of the benefits we see!

1.  Significantly cheaper than other options.

2.  Easier way to clean it (due to the ability to prime the system) - which is a big part of owning a milk machine.

3.  Not having it completely shut down right away when the power goes off - worse case scenario they get cold milk. 

4.  Not needing it to be hooked up to a water system.

5.  Not worried about milk not flowing through properly because either the powder doesn't fully mix before going down the tubes, or the powder quits flowing or the water shut down due to sensor problems. 

6.  Reducing the amount of leakage with broken nipples due to having a one-way check valve and once primed there should be no air in the lines so easy starting fresh lambs.

7.  The ability to prime the system whether for cleaning or moving milk through. 

8. The ability to feed two different types of animals like lambs and calves, ie cows milk to older lambs and milk replacer to younger ones.

9. The option of using different milk sources.


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Calf, Lamb & Goat Feeder

The Heatwave Milk Warmer™ uses heat exchange technology to heat milk on demand. Suitable for feeding lambs, calves and goats. It feeds up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/goats and is suitable for powdered milk or whole milk. It’s also hygienic, as the milk is stored cold.

 Labour Saving
It has been estimated it takes 27 man hours to rear 40 calves on ad lib versus 47 hours on a once a day system. Ad lib is a once a day system available ALL day. Rears up to 50 lambs or goat kids.


 The Heatwave Milk Warmer is manufactured in the UK and designed to be simple and affordable. This ad-lib feeding system will improve growth rates while saving labour at the same time. It is suitable for lambs, calves and goats, and is ideal for improving revenue from bull calves, achieving better grades in a shorter time. Ad lib feeding allows lambs and calves to express their genetic potential. Heifers reach bulling weight faster and potentially increase milk production in first and subsequent lactations. Feeding little and often is also more natural and less likely to cause scours.

   The Heatwave will feed up to 30 calves or 50 lambs/kids and its versatility means you can use whole milk or powder. Lambs grow quickly and will achieve market weight at the same time as those reared on the ewe. Managing spare lambs this way saves hours of labour. After winning the RABDF Innovation Award at the International Livestock Event in Birmingham, the uptake of this system has been rapid with over 4000 units now on farms in many countries.

Contact us for pricing and to pre-order now or order directly on our website at

Tel. 1(844) 482-3724. 


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