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7 Ways to Improve your Sheep Handling System!

1.    Make sure they can see the sheep in front of them as sheep like to follow the leader - this can be  used in various ways so choose wisely when to use sheeted and when to use open rail panels based on how you want them to move. Try and keep the flow going and when introducing a new system if possible, run them through it a few times without doing any handling.


2.    Move them into well lit area vs. trying to move them into an opening of a dark barn or into an area where dark shadows might be scary for them. This might mean hanging some lights in certain areas.


3.    Avoid loud noises such as slamming gates, loud automatic systems, noisy floor surfaces or excessive yelling.


 4.    Plan your layout to move sheep in the direction they want to go. For example, moving them into a larger area, and funnelling back into a smaller alley way when they think they are leaving the system.  


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5.    Handle sheep gently instead of grabbing them by the wool which can cause bruising. Sheep remember so try and make handling a good experience for them so that it works better the next time. Share with the rest of your team the goals of how you want to accomplish this.  


6.    Avoid headgates, flipping sheep unnecessarily and gates slamming in faces, etc. whenever possible.  Instead of an anti-backup gate that might bruise or slow them down, consider a ramp to walk on and jump down from or a bar to step over.



7.    Lastly, when something isn't working take a deep breath and analyze the situation. Think like a sheep and figure out what might be hindering them from wanting to move through the system.


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