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Benefits of the Combi Clamp!

          The Combi Clamp Sheep & Goat Handling System allows you to process your sheep & goats quietly with much more efficiency and less stress on the livestock as well as on you the producer! 



 If you are looking for more efficiency a few larger producers reported processing speeds of up to 800-1,000 ewes per hour in the Combi Clamp with just 2 people on the job.

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USA $300


What customers say about the Combi Clamp!

 Running sheep through at ease without any stress. Takes only half the time to put the ewes through. Easy on the sheep and handler for foot trimming and crutching. Real relaxing run through for sheep. No stress on pregnant ewes - works great for them. Needed 4 guys before to run sheep through - now only need 2. Relaxing weighing for handler and lambs.  - Veteran Colony on Dec 28, 2020

Excellent and easy to use set-up. We have been using ours for about a year now and have been very happy with it. It makes handling the sheep a pleasure and not a chore. It is quiet and simple to operate. I recommend it to all sheep producers that are looking for a better way to process their flock. - Michael of Young Buck Farms on Jul 16, 2020 

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