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If ordering from the US or having trouble with your order email or call 1-844-482-3724 (1-884-HuberAg). US Pricing vary depending on how many you order and shipping prices.

A product to help Livestock farmers with proper castration. As a cattle producer I know the frustration of losing money at the market for steers that are actually still bulls because a testicle was missed.
TestiGrip was developed to help hold the testes in places so there is no slipping or loss of testes with castrating while using an elastrator.
With the TestiGrip you can have a faster application of the band. You wont be fumbling to hold on to the testes and have free hands to use the elastrator. There is a lot of pressure to have speed and accuracy when you have a protective cow or sheep wanting her baby back.
Bring both testes into scrotum. Apply TestiGrip by sliding narrow opening on neck of scrotum. Place elastrator tightly against TestiGrip. Pull both testes up through band. Release band and remove TestiGrip.
(Only release band if you have both testes) otherwise start over.
☆ I prefer to do castration with calf laying down. But TestiGrip will work with calf standing too.