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Ritchie Weigh Kit for Combi Clamp Sheep Handling System

by Ritchie

Main features of the Combi Clamp Weigh Kit: 

  • Frame for Combi Clamp and load bars to sit on to allow weighing of animal
  • Separates led up ramp and shedding gate from the Combi Clamp to prevent these interfering wiht the weight measurement. 
  • Weighing and Handling becomes much more efficient as the producer zeroes out his body weight allowing him to work with the sheep while he is weighing them. 
  • Being able to Body Condition Score the sheep while weighing them also gives opportunity for better management. 

*Excludes Indicators and Load Bars

Extra options for Weigh Kit:

* Ask us about using any other indicator you might already have on hand or prefer. Adapters can possibly purchased or may already fit. (i.e. Gallagher has the same ends as Tru-Test)