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Ritchie Half Meshed Field Gates

by Ritchie

The Ritchie Half Meshed Field Gates are a robust design that allow internal venting to the structure. They have a "bushed" hanging end and come with 2 adjustable hangers and a 20mm spring loaded slip bolt. The Half Meshed Field Gates are designed to keep in a variety of livestock including sheep and are easy to open and close. They have a hot dipped galvanized finish. 

Optional: Get a Tubar Post to hand and latch this gate.


  • FB (40 x 4 mm)
  • Tube (40 x 1.2 mm and 30 x 1.2 mm)
  • RHS (50 X 30 X 2 mm)
  • Mesh (2" x 2" 10 Gauge)