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Ritchie Extended Length Continental Cattle Handling Chute - 309G

by Ritchie
The Ritchie Extended Length Continental Cattle Chute was designed for, and intended to be used by, the agricultural industry purely for the handling of cattle. The Chute is designed to give maximum safety and to minimize stress in both the animal and the operator.

Main features:
  • The Chute has a fully automatic yoke with auto reset facility
  • Easy adjustable neck yoke widths, which allows easy handling of calves to bulls
  • Complete access to both sides of the animal
  • Ratchet type rump bar operation
  • Complete with sliding rear gate and aluminium 5 bar tread-plate floor


Head Scoop - 323G

Weigh Platform 309G-500

Hoof Trim Kit 339G-880

External Length 3,300mm
External Width 1,810mm
External Height 2,060mm
Internal Length 2,900mm
Internal Width 760mm
Internal Height 1,710mm
Weight 720kgs