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Ritchie Cattle Squeeze Chute - Automatic Yoke -311GAUTO

by Ritchie


Main features:

  • Hot dipped galvanized steel providing years of corrosion free operation
  • 12 independent, fully sheeted doors - access all the way to the floor allows calves to suckle if necessary
  • Large 860 mm internal width for large framed animals including bulls
  • Parallel squeeze of front 8 doors - reducing from 860 mm to 280 mm
  • Complete with Auto yoke (left-hand or right-hand operation) to secure the cattle in the crate
  • Removable 'Brisket Bar' prevents cattle from kneeling
  • Ability to fit a head scoop for added control of the animal
  • A sliding rear gate allows the vet to gain access to the rear of beast whilst being protected for the next animal
  • Access doors to rear of crate - open in or out for vet access and safety
  • Quarter turn handles have been added that allow the doors to open with a simple twist


Head Scoop 323G

Mobile Version Available - Contact us for details.

Length 3,400mm (11.15')
Width 985mm (39")
Height 2,350mm (92.5")
Weight 1,000kg (2200 lbs)