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Ritchie Calving Gate 1060G

by Ritchie

This Ritchie Calving Gate features a number of unique benefits to help stock farmers improve stock handling safety.

The securing gate, with its unique hinged lower rail can be closed in on the pen over deep straw.  The locking chain positioned behind the animal stops backward movement whilst the animal is safely secured within the pen by the gates adjustable head yoke.  In its raised position the hinged lower rail gives protected access to the animal for calf or stockman and the removable horizontal rail, fitted to the side gate, allows generous access to the animal for any medical treatment.

Main features: 

  • Self locking head-yoke
  • Easily assembled into position using joining pins
  • Hinge round gate, lockable by chain offering good udder access for suckling calves
  • Unique fold-up lower section
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish