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Outback Wrap Python Wrap 13/16" (20mm)

Color: Green

Outback Wrap Python Wrap bundles and contains hoses, wires, cables and cords. Use it on the farm or in your home, office or business.

Python Wrap is sold 

  • By the Bag (15 foot/bag)

Easy Installation. No tools required.

Outback Wrap Python Wrap is 13/16" in diameter (20mm).

Other colors available upon request but will be a 3 week wait time. 


Outback Wrap hose wraps identify, organize and protect hoses and cables. All Outback Wraps can be used by farmers, ranchers, agriculturists, machine operators, and every day people. Outback Wrap makes “Hooking Up Easy” on the farm, in a factory, at your home or office/business or on your equipment.