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Ritchie Mobile Cattle Chute - 310G

by Ritchie


Strength, mobility and easy adaptability to stock, are all benefits farmers have used to describe the Ritchie portable cattle chute.

Featuring fully sheeted sides, an automatic head yoke and two easy slide opening gates, the mobile Ritchie unit is hydraulically lowered, unhitched and put to work within a permanent or portable stock handling system very easily.  

On each side of the crush, gates open at various heights to provide access to stock of all sizes.  At the rear, the animal is readily accessible from both sides.

Raised operator walkways and multi-position animal stay bars ensure operation and safety work in unison.

Based on the well proven 300g automatic yoke cattle handling crate. Fully automatic yoke with auto reset facility. Easily adjusted neck yoke widths. Complete with top and bottom access to beast on all side doors.

Ratchet type rump bar operation. Access cubicle to gain entry to rear of animal from both sides. 2 sliding gates incorporated into the unit, 1 at rear of access cubicle & 1 at rear of race. Walk way fitted to both sides of the race-way. Tack boxes fitted to both sides. Unit designed to carry the optional 12 x 5 ft panels which form holding pen on sides of walk way for transport. Unit lifts and lowers to ground using tractor hydraulics. Full road lighting fitted. Hot dipped galvanized finish.

Optional Extras:

Panel Set (12 x 5 ft panels c/w pins) 310G-300

Head Scoop 3223G

Weigh Platform 310G-200

Hoof Trimming Attachments 339G-880

*Excludes Load-Bars and Indicator

Length 7,000mm (23 ft)
Internal Width 760mm (2.5ft)
Internal Height 1,720mm (5.64 ft)
Weight 2,050kg (4520 lbs)