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Mini-Ductor® 96″ Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-XBB96)


The 96″ (8′) Long Bearing Buddy Coil (MD99-XBB96) for the Mini-Ductor® Series (excluding the Mini-Ductor 12V), is a flexible magnetic litz wire for wrapping around inline and asymmetrical objects that are not accessible with standard coils or the 41″ Bearing Buddy.


  • The extra length of the 96″ Long Bearing Buddy offers greater flexibility and versatility for larger bearings, gears, pulleys and industrial applications
  • The coil will last for approximately 100 uses or more subject to use, avoiding abrasion and overheating prevents premature wear to the coil
  • All coils are coated to eliminate oxidation and guarantee contact
  • The coil insulation is coated to resist abrasion; however, if insulation is breached a new coil will need to be used


  • One 96″ Long Bearing Buddy coil (96″L) (5.6 oz.)