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Medi-Dart crossbow kit (MDCBK)


Medi-Dart crossbow kit (MDCBK)

With the Crossbow Projectile system, the syringe can hold 30cc of medication and has a 30-foot range to medicate the animal. With the Bow and Arrow Projectile system, the syringe on the end of the arrow can hold up to 30cc of medication and the user has a 20-foot range. The Extension MEDI-DART can hold up to 35cc of medication and gives the user a 6-foot reach. The syringe is released from the pole after the animal has been poked.

The Crossbow kit comes with 3 intramuscular needles and subcutaneous needles are available. If your cattle have experienced hoof rot, pink eye, pneumonia, retained placenta, or worms, then the MEDI-DART Crossbow kit is a must.


  • Two complete darts
  • One practice end
  • Three 1 1/4" IM needles
  • 30 cc capacity
  • Medi-Dart Crossbow
  • Range up to 30 feet
  • Castor oil lubricant
  • Transparent barrel
  • Air pump
  • 10 cc minimum injection

Item #110001