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LockNLube Magnetic Zerk Relocation Block - LNL220

  • Replace any fitting with an adapter that includes a female 1/8" NPT end.
  • Use a grease hose to connect the adapter to the locking swivel on the header block.
  • Attach the header block to your machine using the powerful magnet on the back.
  • Easily grease one or two fittings using the Zerks installed in the header block.

A simple, fast way to relocate hard-to-reach fittings. Locking hose swivels (1/8" NPT) accept one or two fittings into a single manifold. No drilling or custom hose crimping required. Simply replace the fitting with an adapter (if needed) and 1/8" NPT grease hose. Screw the grease hose into the header block, and stick the magnet to your machine in a place that is convenient. Powerful rare earth magnet resists even strong vibrations and jolts so it will stay in place.