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Inductor® Rosebud Attachment (U-511)


Eliminate Damage to Paint, Rubber Encapsulation, Metal & More!

Molded with impact and flame resistant epoxy polymers, our Rosebud accessory heats ¼” steel red hot (up to 1,400°) in seconds when used with our Inductor® Series Pro Max and Max models.

The Rosebud Attachment is an accessory for the Inductor® Pro-Max, Pro-Max CE & Max that allows you to quickly and safely salvage parts and remove decals bonded to aluminum, metal and glass without damaging nearby plastics.

Features & Benefits

  • Encapsulated in high temperature, impact resistant polymer resins
  • Beveled/tapered edges allow better accessibility in tight areas
  • Air cooled for long-term use
  • Comfortable, ergonomic grip
  • Replaceable heat shield


  • 9′ cord and 8-pin connector for use on the Inductor Pro-Max and Max
  • Molded polymer resin head (3.5″W x 2.4″W x 2.3″H), encapsulated in high temperature, impact resistant polymer resins
  • Replaceable and removable heat shield for increased versatility
  • 1-year warranty

Key Applications

  • Aluminum: stress relieving, annealing, vinyl graphic removal, and adhesive removal
  • Steel: stress relieving, removing metal bond adhesives and fabricating


  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Farm Implements
  • Industrial
  • Marine

Steel & Aluminum

For steel, Rosebud can be used on frames, structure repair, stress relieving, removing metal bond adhesives, and fabricating. Being air cooled for long-term use, the Rosebud is also perfect for aluminum applications such as graphic/adhesive removal, stress relieving and annealing.

Whatever you use it for, Rosebud is designed with outstanding ergonomic gripping and unsurpassed versatility, and the beveled edge design allows greater versatility in obstructed areas.