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Inductor® Max (IM-IND2011)


The Professional Automotive Induction Heating Tool

The Inductor Max High Performance Induction Heating System operates on convenient 120V/20A/2200W with a true maximum output of over 2,000 watts. More power than a tool of 240 volts, being the most energy efficient inverter of its kind.

No heavy expensive extension cords required. No need to look for the closest 240V outlet. The result? More Speed, Better Versatility, More Profits.

The Inductor High Performance Induction Heat System uses high frequency magnetic fields (induction) to generate Invisible Heat® in metallic car parts without the collateral damage of open flame to nearby parts. Quickly and easily remove vinyl graphics, moldings, autoglass, windshields, mechanical and suspension parts. Remove body side molding and pinstriping in seconds, remove quarter glass in less than 3 minutes and windshields in less than 12 minutes.

Features & Benefits

  • UL/CSA listed GFI protects entire unit for safety
  • Storage for attachments
  • Trouble-free pneumatic foot switch
  • Audible and visual power indicators
  • Inline connector resists tug damage offering best strain relief


  • U-Series Concentrator® (U-411): instantly heats nuts, bolts and all types of hardware red-hot in seconds and removes body caulking, seam sealers and hail dents. Allows users to remove corroded hardware in seconds, and body caulking in minutes leaving a clean surface and spot welds intact.
  • U-Series Glass Blaster® (U-311): removes bonded glass, SMC panels, metal bond adhesives and spray-on bedliners; windshields can also be removed in less than 15 minutes, while spray-on bedliners in as little as a few hours.
  • U-Series Fast-Off® Pad (U-211): removes stripes, vinyl graphics, body side moldings, sound pads, vapor barriers, stress relieving sheet metal repairs and more. Literally saves hours on labor plus the added bonus on solvent-free removal as adhesive remains on graphic. The attachment (1.8 lbs.) features an 8-pin connector with a 6′ HF cord, a fiberglass pad with reversible hook and loop straps (8″W x 5.8″W x 0.8″H), and a 1-year warranty.
  • Inductor Max Power Supply (MXP1)
  • (2) L-wedges (L-0810A)
  • Instruction manual
  • 1-year warranty