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Fair Mfg, hay rake.


1400 & 1600 SERIES

Improve Hay Production Quality

Every farmer needs to ensure they bring in the highest quality crop possible - especially when it comes to baling hay.

The Fair Manufacturing High Capacity Hay Rakes helps you speed up your hay production.  The agile 1400 & 1600 Series Hay Rakes use a centralized frame to give you industry leading maneuverability & turn radius, while maintaining high capacity clearance with the external wheel frame beams.  The Hay Rake allows crops to be baled up to a day sooner creating much better forage quality.  The 3-in-1 function of the Hay Rake allows operators to gently turn, fluff and merge their crop to accelerate drying times.


Features 1400 1600
Number of Wheels 14 16
Wheel Diameter 60" 60"
Raking Width Up to 28' Up to 32'
Windrow Width 40"-72" 40"-72"
Transport Length 27' 30'
Transport Width 134" 134"
Transport Height 120" 120"
Weight 5000 lbs 5400 lbs
Tractor Remotes 1 1
Controls Weatherproof Control Panel Weatherproof Control Panel


Center Kicker Wheel


Turn hay windrows with the Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake


  • Roll two windrows over at once without merging them together
  • Allows crops to be rolled onto dry ground while keeping windrows separated for drying exposure
Fluff hay windrows with the Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake


  • Gently lifts hay while maintaining a wide windrow for drying exposure
  • Hay is fluffed up to increase windrow volume
  • Lifts the crop off the moist ground
  • Fluffing breaks up the "top layer seal" and blends the crop for maximum drying
Merge 2 hay windrows into 1 with 60" wheels on the Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake


  • 60" wheels gently merge 2 windrows into 1
  • Infinite windrow width adjustment
  • Exterior wheel frame for high capacity
  • Adjustable spring wheel tension with high range flotation



Only one tractor remote is required. Weatherproof controls enable the operator to adjust all functions from the tractor.

Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake - superior suspension


The frame incorporates a walking tandem axle that works together with a spring suspension system.  Together this gives the frame industry leading floation.

Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake - High Capacity


The wheel frame beams are mounted behind the wheels allowing for full capacity of the wheel in heavy crops.  This eliminates spots where hay can bridge or hang up.  In addition the large 60" diameter wheels turn slower for less wear and deliver higher capacity.

Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake - speed & maneuverability


The centralized frame enables a much tighter turning radius.  This enables the operator to turn around much easier on end rows eliminating the need for skipping rows. No caster support wheels enable the rake to fold quickly and transport at road speeds with excellent stability.

Fair Manufacturing Hay Rake - dual spring wheel suspension


Rake wheels have a large range of floatation for ground contouring.  Rake wheels have an adjustable floatation spring and adjustable counteracting spring to rapidly return the wheel if it bounces up.  This enables the rake wheels to follow the ground accurately even at high speeds.