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Fair Bale Processor


Fair Bale Processors

Huber Ag Equipment is a western Canadian dealer for Fair Manufacturing’s 7825 Bale Processor. Located in South Dakota, Fair Manufacturing has been designing and building innovative solutions for farmers since 1963.

The recently designed 7825 Bale Processor is geared toward dependable, trouble-free bale grinding for farmers. It has a number of innovative features, many of which are geared for single tractor operation.

  • 2 Stage Bale Lift enables the smooth loading of bales with minimal disturbance of neighbouring bales.
  • Oscillating Table with two axis bale movement allows bale grinding without knife channeling decreasing issues with sub-optimal bales.
  • Hydraulic Slug Bar provide on the fly adjustment of cutting depth, facilitating consistent output volume.
  • Cab located Electric Over Mechanical Controls provide full control from the tractor cab.
  • Big Gap Slat Spacing results in pushing rather than carrying bale movement, reducing moving part wear and tear.
  • Bale Ejector allows for easy unloading of problematic bales when the need to bale-out is encountered due to mold or other problems.