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EZ Connector - S7 Trailer End

Cable Length

Made in the USA, with excellent product support, EZ Connectors are acknowledged by the tow industry as the most reliable electrical connector for the tow industry.  

The S7-07 is the trailer end of the new EZS7 product line and includes:

- 4-8 feet of cable (depending on model)

- self closing plug holder,

- butt connectors,

- sealant type heat shrink tubing for a watertight splice and

- a heavy duty tie wrap to secure the cable to the tongue.

The new self closing plug holder mounts onto the trailer and holds the trailer plug when not in use. Having slightly recessed contacts to prevent possible shorting of the contacts if attached to a flat surface and a thumb index tab to quickly align the plug into the socket in the dark connection is even easier than before.

This new trailer end is totally water-proof, when disconnected which results in a clean, corrosive-free trailer plug system that will keep you on the road!

The EZS7 is EZ Connector’s new self-sealing version of the award winning, most reliable, corrosion and water- proof connector available anywhere.

Like the original EZR7 system, the backward compatible EZS7 system is magnetically held together and has spring-loaded face to face contacts and it now includes a self-sealing lid and self-closing plug holder.

It is easier to install since it fits directly into the factory installed mounting bracket of most vehicles either directly as with 2000 – 2007 Fords or, with the use of the S7-60F,S7-60G clips, in most other models.

With a shortened unit depth of only 2 1/2” it fits perfectly into the sidewall of a truck for 5th wheel applications.

It can be purchased for bumper pull or 5th wheel applications and comes in hard-wired, plug n play and t-connector versions.

It is the best, most reliable plug on the market.