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Ecklund Drive Thru Gate (NEW!!)

by Ecklund

The Ecklund gate attaches easily to the post with two insulated lag bolts (3″) which are included. With the combination of features and patents it need not scratch or get caught in tractor lugs. In fact, as you bump into the gate, the gate “POPS” open and your vehicle is through before the gate swings shut. The gate always moves faster away from the vehicle than you drive into it. This is why it does not get caught in tractor lugs, or scratch vehicles' sides. Please watch the video of instructions included with the gate.

A question asked of us “What about small calves?,” your Ecklund Gate is where you will teach them about electric fencing, by hanging down 2 or 3 strips of tin foil approximately 1 1/2″ wide and 18 ” long, which flutter and twist. The calves are curious, lick at it and BANG, get a shock, and then… the gate and tin foil chase the calves back and away, every time you use it. Also, if you don’t stop, thus causing a commotion at the gate, cattle/horses, calves included won’t hang around there anymore, furthermore animals have more respect for that “hot” gate and where it swings than the rest of the corral which never moves.

You don’t throw the old gate away, if you want to close it at night or to work with the animals you certainly have your option, what you have is insurance that you have never left the gate open!

Your Ecklund Gate can be mounted on a portable post, a 2′ diameter base weighing about 60 lbs (an old truck rim for example). The gate can then be used where you need it, for twenty minutes or two years. The gate need not touch the side of the vehicle!!