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Bauman Ebersol Single Chain Feed Conveyor


The Ebersol Single Chain Feed Conveyor is used by dairy and beef farmers and may have other applications outside of the agricultural industry. This conveyor is designed to move standard feed materials from the silo to the TMR mixer, or from the mixer to the feed cart. Standard materials include haylage, corn silage and grains. 

The 4’, 5’ and 7’ 14 gauge galvanized sections easily bolt together to make a custom conveyor to suit your requirements. 

The optional top mounted electric motor efficiently pulls the single chain with 2 ½” rubber mounted flights, for a quiet and reliable movement of feed at approximately 90 feet per minute. 

Construction Features

  • 14 gauge galvanized steel body

  • 5 ¼" trough depth

  • 11" body depth

  • Gear reducer drive

  • 667H pintle chain is standard

  • 2 ½" rubber flights for quieter operation


Operation Features

  • Approximately 90 feet per minute chain speed

  • 18" drive unit

  • 18" idle unit

  • Lengths include 4', 5' and 7' body sections or any multiple thereof


  • Hopper to better contain the feed at discharge

  • Bend

  • Discharge spout to funnel the feed into the mixer or feed cart

  • 16 gauge galvanized cover

  • Height adjustable stand with wheels for better mobility

  • Electric Motor