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Bauman Ebersol Bale Elevator


The Ebersol Bale Elevator is designed for Agricultural and Commercial use to handle small square bales of hay, straw, grain, corn cobs and silage. The top drive pulls the load rather than pushing it. Standard equipment on the unit include a v-belt with #55 chain reduction, elevator pulley, motor mount, pre-lubricated self-aligning bearings, flared sides and hopper. Steel detachable chain 55 is used for long reliable life. The kiln dried wood slides allow for quiet conveying of material at approximately 90 feet per minute.

This unit is constructed with 14 gauge galvanized sheet metal and is available in several lengths to suit specific needs. Complete with a heavy duty undercarriage with a clevis hitch, safety winch and rubber tires on rims, which allows for easy transportation and height adjustment. The balanced tongue is designed for easy lifting when hitching onto a truck or tractor.  The simplified drive system ensures balanced towing capacity.

The conveyor length is determined by doubling the discharge height.  i.e. If the required discharge height is 10’ high, a minimum 20’ conveyor is required to maintain the 35 degree angle of incline. 

Note: More than 35 degrees could cause the material to tumble back and not be efficient.

This unit is a proven design for over 80 years – farmer approved.