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M5300HD Mobile Advantage Feeder (Formerly M3800HD 3in1Feeder)


The M5300HD is a 108 Bushel mobile Advantage Feeder holding approximately 5300 lbs of barley.  It allows you to *Control Feed, Free Choice Feed or **Creep Feed Grain to all ages and types of Livestock. The large tank is great for feedlot or other situations where you don't want to fill the feeder as often.

The M5300HD Advantage Feeder comes with a creep panel for sheep and goats on both sides. The dual axle, low profile wheels and rocker load sharing suspension allow travel at 100km/hr when empty. This size of feeder would feed aprox. 50 cows or 150 ewes. 

* Control Feeding allows you to limit feed daily intake for livestock of all ages which is of great benefit financially and gives you the option of feeding a higher starch type of feed. With Advantage Feeders you also get the benefit of spreading the grain feedings out throughout the day which keeps the ph in their rumen more balanced thus allowing for greater efficiency in feed consumption and a healthier rumen. 

**For Creep Feeding Calves a separate CGW Creep Gate is required. You can chose to purchase one or two creep gates per feeder.

Shipping: Prices include free shipping to your closest pickup location or we can get a quote to ship directly to you. Some shipping is included in the prices.  Contact us to see if there is a pickup location in your area.