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M2500HD Mobile Advantage Feeder (Formerly M1800HD 3in1Feeder)


51 Bushel mobile Advantage Feeder - Holds aprox. 2500lbs of barley.  Allows you to Control feed or Free choice Feed or *Creep Feed Grain to all ages and types of Livestock. It comes with a partition in the middle allowing you to control feed Livestock on one side if desired while Free choice feeding their offspring on the other. Also comes with a creep panel for sheep and goats on both sides. 

*For cattle a separate CGW Creep Gate is required for calf creep feeding. You can chose to purchase one or two creep gates per feeder.

Shipping: Prices include free shipping to your closest pickup location or we can get a quote to ship directly to you. Some shipping is included in the prices.  Contact us to see if there is a pickup location in your area.