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Bauman Mfg. Model 640 Drop Spreader



Bauman drop spreaders prevent waste and property damage with the most accurate de-icing dispensing equipment on the market.
Backed by a tradition of quality for over 40 years and with 9 models to choose from, Bauman has the right solution for you.


Model 640 Features

Hydraulic or PTO Drive
Capacity: 6.5 cubic feet
Spreading Width: 40 inches
Various Mounting Brackets Available


The 640 is the "Work Horse" model. 

Hydraulic Flow Control

Flow control is included to reduce hydraulic flow from the tractor to the distribution drum. It allows the operator to control distribution quantity.  


PTO attaches to the 540 splined stub of the gear box.  


Using 10 gauge steel and a durable powder coat finish, the 640 model is built to last.

  Finger Bar

A unique polymer finger bar has a flexible memory in cold weather and retains its shape. The bar defines pressure and helps release an even quantity of de-icing material as seen with the cross hatch pattern when material is dropped.

  Agitator Bar

The agitator bar rotates in the hopper to help keep salt and sand from bridging or clumping. The bar ensures the material passes through to the drum and then to the ground for an even application.  

Salt/Sand Drum

The rotating drums allow placement of various de-icing material where needed. This gives controlled delivery of materials including sand, environmentally smart de-icing products as well as road and coarse rock salt.    

Spread Pattern

The rotating distributor drums spread de-icing material in an even and consistent cross hatch pattern. De-icing material can then "creep" and spread out which results in an efficient use of material. 

 Tension Lever Assembly

The assembly regulates the rate of flow for different types of material (i.e.: fine sand vs coarse salt). The lever allows for fine tuning of the rate of flow of material. 

Galvanized Grate / Lifting Lug

The grate screens and prevents larger pieces of material from entering the hopper. As a safety measure, the grate prevents human contact with the agitator. The lifting lug is used to safely install or remove unit from tractor. It also keeps the grate secure

  Sealed Bearings

Sealed bearings protect against environmental wear.
They are also easily maintained and re-greasable.

 Extension Rings

Two sizes of extension rings are available for additional hopper capacity. The 6" ring adds 2.5 cubic feet of capacity and the 12" ring adds 5 cubic feet of capacity. Adding the 12" extension ring to the 640 provides the same total capacity as the 1140.

Universal Skid Steer Adapter Plate

Optional universal skid steer 3 point hitch adapter plate is available.