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Bauman Mfg 430T Towable Drop Sander


Model 430T utilizes towable ground drive, with a drop width of 30 inches and a cubic capacity of 4 feet. 

  • Manufactured with a clevis hitch and easily pulled by a small tractor 

  • Manually activated clutch allows the operator to engage or disengage the unit when needed

  • Large pneumatic tires offer exceptional ground drive traction and reduced rolling resistance

  • Heavy-duty steel body

  • Powder coat finish for long-lasting durability

  • Set up with a sand distributer drum unless otherwise specified


Drive: Towable Ground Drive 

Capacity: 4 Cubic Feet 

Spreading Width: 30 inches

Estimated Spreading Distance: 4 km  

Weight: 165 lbs 

Dimensions: 45.5 inches wide x 26 inches high x 43.5 inches long (includes hitch)