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8000HD Advantage Feeder for Cattle (Formerly 160HD 3in1Feeder)


160 Bushel Heavy Duty Advantage Feeder for Cattle- Holds aprox. 8000lbs of barley.  Allows you to Control feed or Free choice Feed or *Creep Feed Grain to all ages and types of Cattle. Great for *Creep Feeding, Feedlot use, 4-H Calves or Control Feeding, first time calvers, replacement heifers, bulls, etc. The little bit and often feeding gives you better gain with less grain, ability to feed hotter grains and helps you avoid the dockage at the auction that can come with creep feeding, More Profit with Less Effort!

The ability to control feed and spread the grain feedings out throughout the day keeps their rumen healthier and provides so many benefits including feed efficiency, ability to extend pasture/feed, improved bull testing results, better marbling in the meat, time savings, more profit, etc. 

You can expect to feed as many as 90 smaller calves with this feeder and up to 50 cows/bulls. The feeders are galvanized and stainless steel in the trough area and come with a limited 2 year warranty. 

*For Cattle a separate CGNA Creep Gate is required for calf creep feeding. You can chose to purchase one or two per feeder. Some people like to just purchase one and feed first time calvers on one side and creep feed their calves on the other. This size feeder does not have a split tank though so they would be eating the same type of feed. 

Prices for this model are picked up at Huber Ag Equipment in Alberta. Let us know if you would like a quote on delivery.