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120Volt DEF pump kit.


Macnaught’s 120V DEF Dispensing system was designed to be fully portable and hangs on Tote Cages or Trolleys with ease. Easy to assemble and comes with Auto Nozzle and Flow Meter.  Complete with full 2 Year Warranty

Macnaught M3 120V DEF System Specifications


  • 120V / 60Hz / 300W Continuous Duty Motor
  • Self Priming Diaphragm Pump with by-pass valve
  • 9-10 GPM Flow Rate
  • 5 Feet of ¾” Suction Hose
  • 20 Feet of ¾” Discharge Hose with Auto Nozzle
  • Flow Meter

    Note: Bypass conditions should not exceed 2-3 minutes
    Note: 2.5” Butress Tote and Drum Coupling is not provided.