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Silver Star Bale Bedder

Silver Star Bale Bedder

Save Your Bedding With the Silver Star Bale Bedder!  Cut up your bales for better bedding or feeding.

The Silver Star Bale Beddar is great for things like Bedding pack barns, Heifer loafing barns, Outside Bedding areas, etc. It fits into smaller areas than pull behind shredders and has a universal skidsteer hookup. 

Good for Round or Square Bales. 

  • Corn Stubble
  • Soybean Stubble
  • Straw
  • Balage
  • Dry Hay

The Silver Star Bale Bedder is run by a Hydraulic Motor and Drive Chains.

 Contact Huber Ag Equipment for more information or to get one in Canada

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