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Rol-Oyl Livestock Oilers

Rol-Oyl Livestock Oilers

Use Rol-Oyl to scratch them where they itch; oil them where they scratch!

Designed for an exceptionally long lifespan, the Rol-Oyl cattle oiler allows livestock to rub their head and neck where it itches, evenly applying insecticide oil to the problem areas, effectively controlling lice, mites, grubs, flies, and other pests. Rol-Oyl has been proved to be one of the most effective of any insecticide distribution systems for controlling face flies.

Originally designed and built in 1960, Rol-Oyl oilers are built tough to withstand heavy use by livestock, and should be considered long-term investments. Some of the first oilers by Roy-Oyl ever sold are still in use, 50+ years later.

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