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Ranchhand Calf Catcher

Ranchhand Calf Catcher

The Ranchhand Calf Catcher makes every calving season safer and easier. Whether its one calf or lots of wild range cattle on rough terrain, the Calf Catcher is designed specifically for processing safety and built to eliminate the danger of the protective mother cow.

The Calf Catcher makes catching and processing of young calves stress free, with you and your vehicle guarded by its wide front gate and high quality welded steel construction providing a stable and quiet cage. For less calf and mother cow anxiety and movement, the Calf Catcher allows the mother to still smell the calf during the process and the back gate can be opened from inside allowing the calf to reunite with its mother.

The Calf Catcher's supportive platform allows you to transport, tattoo, tag, vaccinate, and weigh the calf in a stand up position with stability and ease rather than having to hazardously wrestle the calf or handle it near your vehicle.

The Calf Holder/Carrier can be easily attached and dismounted to any ATV (400 cc or larger recommended) or UTV (Side x Side).


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  • $3,400.00

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