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Huber Ag Equipment brings you a variety of products for the Crop Farmer, Livestock Producer and even the Industrial Worker.
  • $301.00

    Air Filter Cleaner Set

    Air Filter Cleaner

    AFC’s cutting edge system reduces dirt and debris, helping your engine ‘breath’ easier, in turn, lessening costly engine maintenance. The spinnin...

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  • $21.00

    Outback Wrap - 4 Pairs for Marking all size Hydraulic Hoses

    Outback Wrap

    This package contains (4)  pairs that fit 3/8" to 1-1/4" hose. Are you ready to get your hydraulic hookups done quickly and head off to your import...

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  • from $2.00

    Lamb Teats for Heatwave

    Pyon Products

    The Heatwave Milk Machine comes with 4 lamb nipples but these extra lamb teats can be purchased as needed. Although these look very similar and can...

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    from $2.00
  • $3.00

    Lamb/Goat Starter Teat for Heatwave

    Pyon Products

    The starter teats can help get young lambs and goat kids adjust more quickly to the Heatwave Milk Machine. The Heatwave comes with 4 regular lamb n...

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  • $15.00

    Heatwave Teatguard

    Pyon Products

    The Teatguard has been developed to help extend the life of lamb nipples. They help prevent bullying, protect the teats and encourage a good suckin...

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  • Bag of 20 1/4" Wire Tightener Clips

    Bag of 1/4" Jake's Wire Fence Tightener Clips

    Jake's Wire Tighteners

    For high tensile fence repair, try the 5/16" clips instead. Fix your loose fence wire quickly and inexpensively with Jake’s Wire Tighteners. In les...

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  • $10.00

    Heatwave Machine Cleaning Tablets

    Pyon Products

    One box of cleaning tablets should last for about 6 weeks of cleaning your Heatwave Milk Warmer.   This product has been tested with the Heatwave t...

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  • $13.00

    Outback Wrap - Hose Tamer

    Outback Wrap

    Are you looking for a way to tame your hydraulic hoses instead of having them drag on the ground or just be a mess of hoses?  The new Outback Wrap ...

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  • $3.00

    Heatwave Calf Teat

    Pyon Products

    The Heatwave Milk Warmer comes with 4 calf teats. Extras can be purchased so you don't need to worry about running out.

  • $181.00

    Hot Knife -L&H

    Huber Ag Equipment LTD

    Makes easy work of removing twine buildup on bale feeders. Comes in 6" length and is 110 volt electrically heated.

  • from $31.00

    Mitrocin for Heatwave Machine Cleaning

    Dairy Supply Store

    One gallon of Mitrocin cleaner should allow for about 128 weeks of cleaning your Heatwave Milk Warmer and 8oz. can last about 16 weeks. This produc...

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    from $31.00
  • from $241.00

    Garden Retracta Reels – R3 Standard Hose Reels with 10 Year Limited Warranty


    For over 30 years, the Macnaught Retracta brand of hose reels has revolutionized Hose Reel performance expectations. Now with our R3 offering, Mac...

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    from $241.00
  • $49.00

    LockNFlate Locking Air Chuck


    Incomparable to other air chucks on the market, the LockNFlate's six steel jaws easily lock on to any Schrader valve ensuring a secure, hands-free ...

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  • $20.00

    Kerbl Lamb Feeding Bucket

    Remedy Animal Health

    Practical Kerbl Lamb Milk Feeder Bucket plastic. Comes with 3 teats. Order extra lamb teats or extra starter teats.

  • $72.00

    Gopher Gone

    Huber Ag Equipment LTD

    Do you have lot's of gophers to poison? Getting on and off the quad or side by side all day long? No more, just fill up the barrel with poison and ...

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  • from $34.00

    Grober Bovine Dried Colostrum - Calf's Choice Total

    Grober Nutrition

    Grober's High Quality Calf Colostrum can be purchased in 700 g or 4.7 kg packaging. Natural bovine dried colostrum replaces or supplements materna...

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    from $34.00
  • from $20.00

    CORRAL Profi Fencing Tape (White/Red)


    good visibility available in different widths high quality workmanship excellent value for  money  Find a matching Reel for the length of wire yo...

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    from $20.00
  • Sold out

    GM Mounting Clips -EZ Connector

    EZ Connector

    GM mounting clips for EZ Connector

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  • $48.00

    Premium Round Baler Twine

    Norheim Ranching

    Tension Tested UV Stabilized ISO 9001 Certified Premium Quality 40,000/110

  • $22.00

    CORRAL Basic Fencing Tape 40mm x 200m (White)


    BASIC line offers very durable and well-tried stainless steel conductors. Excellent price/performance ratio for short fences.  well-tried stainles...

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  • $4,133.00

    Camoplast R208162 Used Track, for JD 9000T's

    Huber Ag Equipment LTD

    30" track, used, bar treads measure from 3/4" or so to 1". Updated JD part# R257977. 

  • $5.00

    LockNFlate 4-Way Valve Core Tool


    The multi-use tool for removing valve cores, re-tapping threads, and reaming the inside of valves. Compatible with all standard Schrader valves.

  • $27.00

    LockNFlate Dual Wheel Adapter


    The tool you need to easily inflate duals.  Designed with an extended reach and dual head air chuck. Includes 3 connection options: - 1/4" NPT Fema...

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  • $87.00

    LockNFlate Locking Dual Wheel Adapter


    A quick and easy way to inflate duals starring LockNLube's two-jaw locking design and patented remote actuator. Designed with an extended reach to ...

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