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HayBoss Feeders

HayBoss Feeders

Family owned and operated, Hayboss™ is one of North America’s premiere net-feeder manufacturers, providing evolutionary, no-waste, multi-species forage feeding systems that are safe and clean for animals of any size.

Their fully-adjustable, premium-quality products are made of high-grade galvanized steel, and feature self-locking, retractable nets. The HayBoss™ net feeding solution is sheltered, and keeps your forage raised above the ground, leading to less waste and promoting animal health, allowing you to effectively manage your animals’ food intake.

The HayBoss feeder is great for goats and sheep, and especially effective for feeding horses. The feed is raised above the ground, reducing the amount of dirt and parasites that can mix with the feed compared to eating it directly from the ground. The netting restricts how much feed can be consumed and how quickly, emulating a more natural 'foraging' experience than the average feeder, and helping maintain a healthy diet. Finally the HayBoss feeder restricts how deeply a horse can access the feed, helping prevent irritants from entering the horse's airways and lungs.

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