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BaumaLight Equipment

BaumaLight Equipment

Huber Ag Equipment is a Dealer for BaumaLight Equipment.


Brush Cutt cutters are skidsteer mounted, hydraulically driven, rotary type mowers.  Combined with the versatility of the skidsteer, they provide an exceptional level of control and power in managing brush.  There are a number of different models available with differing capabilities.

Auger Drives

Roughneck auger drives are hydraulically driven and available for mounting on skidsteers, backhoes, and tractors.  They are available in a variety of sizes and for just about every farm based use case scenario.

PTO Generators

PTO Generators provide the capability for driving electrical generation off your tractor's PTO shaft.  This could be for emergency purposes (keeping the lights on during an emergency outage), or for providing temporary power to specific locations (for example, driving a grain dryer at a remote location, or an arc welder out in the field).  BaumaLight has two different model lines:

  • TX Generators are geared to smaller use cases, suitable for 10 to 50 HP tractors and able to generate 7 to 30 KW.
  • QC Generators aregeared to larger applications, suitable for 20 to 200 HP tractors and are able to generate 12 to 100 KW, and the possibility of 3 phase power generation.

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