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AgShield Land Rollers & MultiTrailers

AgShield Land Rollers & MultiTrailers

Huber Ag Equipment is a dealer for Ag Shield. 

INCREASE YIELD with the AgShield Land Roller

Rolling with an Ag Shield Land Roller maximizes both your seeding and harvest efficiency. Using a roller ultimately increases your bottom line by providing better seed-to-soil contact; better germination and a faster harvest. We offer single, double, triple and five-plex units. Ag Shield Land Rollers provide industry leading strength and performance and offer options like our exclusive leveling blade and mounted seed applicator to get the job done.


The AgShield MultiTrailer

These are a combination trailer that can either be used as a flatbed trailer, or can be reconfigured for hauling round bales.  The triple axle configuration provides a very stable platform for towing.

Here are some pictures of a triple axle Ag Shield trailer (in fact, we have one available as a rental if you want to try one out before buying):

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