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The Best Christmas Gifts for Farmers - Farmer Christmas Wish List

The Best Christmas Gifts for Farmers - Farmer Christmas Wish List

As the holidays approach, many people are scrambling to think of the perfect gift for their loved ones. If you are looking for a unique gift for a farmer, look no further!

A farmer will always appreciate a good tool, and there are many great options to choose from. A new tractor or combine would be sure to make any farmer’s Christmas morning bright, but considering a full tractor may not be feasible for anyone, we have the solution.

If you are looking for a more affordable option, consider some of the tools on this list. A good tool will come in handy for any farmer and help them be more efficient.

All of the following gifts are farm approved and ship new from our store.

Gifts Under $25 - Shop Collection

Outback Wrap 2 Pairs / Large or Small - $12.95

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Do you find yourself constantly climbing in and out of the tractor to make sure you have hooked the hydraulic hoses up correctly? Outback Wrap can help you connect your farming equipment quickly and easily! The wrap is colour-coded, numbered, and wraps around the hydraulic hoses easily so you can identify them.

Various Sizes for different purposes.




Nooski traps are a complete system incorporating a trigger housing and a safety tunnel.

The safety tunnel has various purposes and benefits:


- It attracts rodents as they like tunnels. 

- it protects pets and prevents false activations.

- it is easy to place on the ground, walls, fences and trees.

The bait is easy to place, and it is not uncommon to catch multiple rodents with the same bait.


Mouse Traps Starting at 

$14.99 - Buy Now




Adjustable Oil Filter Wrench - View Product


Comes in 2 sizes for Small - Medium and Medium to Large Oil Filters


Square Drive One Direction, 3/8" Sq. Drive 3-Jaw Oil Filter Wrench Fits Filters from (Diameter Sizes) 2-1/4” to 3-3/4” (57-95 mm) 




Gift Cards - Buy Now

Available in Multiple Sizes starting from $10.

Perfect to let any farmer pick the perfect gift for themselves on our shop.




Gifts Under $50 - View Collection

Fencing Plier Holster  - $29.95

A Leather holster for fencing pliers!

This is the perfect gift for the farmer that is always losing his plyers or setting them down in the wrong place!

Beautifully fashioned with authentic leather and a button up clip to keep the pliers secure.


Learn More



LockNLube Grease Coupler - $39.95

This Grease Coupler makes the greasing job so much easier and less frustrating! Won't leak once locked on.

  • Hands-free, does not release under pressure
  • Rated up to 10,000 PSI.
  • 1/8″ NPT thread. Compatible with all grease guns.
  • Works on all Zerk fittings, SAE and metric
  • Easily releases from clogged grease fittings, even under pressure.

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KY+ Grease Coupler - $41.00

The KY+ grease coupler is fast and easy to use with a patent-pending release mechanism delivering enhanced safety. The unique floating jaw design provides a strong leak-free connection up to 10,000 psi.




Other KY+features include:

-Compact Barrel Diameter (Smallest diameter on the market)

-2 Year Warranty

-One-handed design

-Locks on tight and self assists off of the fitting

-Internal pressure relief minimizes the risk of high-pressure grease release

-Use with manual grease guns, battery-powered, and pneumatic greasing systems.

Buy Now


Jakes Fence Tightener Clips

5/16 Fence Tightener Clips - $35

Fix your loose fence wire quickly and inexpensively with Jake’s Wire Tighteners.

In less than one minute you can tighten your fence wires with this simple wire tightening clip. With new or old wire, a splice, a small piece of wire, insert the clip and snap!  Quick, simple and easy to use, try this patented device today.

Each bag includes 15 Heavy Duty 5/16" metal clips.

Learn More

1/4" Fence Tightener Clips Starter Kit - (On Sale)

 The Starter Set is the perfect gift because it includes the tightening handle needed to secure the wire tighteners, also included are 20 tightener clips to get you started fixing your sagging fences.

This starter pack includes a bag of 20 1/4" wire tightener clips, and the wire tightener tool used to apply the clips.

Buy it here


Gifts Under $100 - View Collection


Simcro VS Injector $60.00.  

Buy it now.

Designed for swine and beef producers, the Simcro VS Injector gives you ultimate flexibility to protect you, your staff, your stock, and your business in one shot.

The modular VS injector is designed for comfort, packed with safety features giving you the power to administer animal health vaccines, accurately, effectively and with care for your animals’ welfare.

Use the Ink Stamps to mark livestock already treated. 


  • Complies to on-farm treatment protocols with the delivery of accurate, fixed dose volumes.

Operator safety

  • Minimizes accidental needle stick injuries with a lockable, needle guard.

Food safety

  • Reduces needle breakage during injection with the use of a needle guard.

Food quality

  • Attachable ink stamp creates a visible mark around the injection site to check the injection is administered in the correct location.

Animal welfare

  • With a soft touch of the needle guard, the operator can delay needle penetration until the animal is settled.


  • Comply with on-farm hygiene regimes by disinfecting or boiling the injector.

Modular System

  • Mix and match assembly to meet your situation for cattle and swine.
  • Flexible tube fed or bottle mount injector options.
  • Compatible with or without needle guard and ink stamps features.
  • Reusable injector handle. Dose chambers in different sizes are available separately.

Ergonomic Design

  • Balanced injector with a two-stage trigger technique to reduce ‘trigger finger’ and provide a relaxed, comfortable grip for sustained use.


  • Comes with colored bands to match the injector and treatments to improve systematic process and comply with on-farm protocols

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Lumax Locking Greese Coupler 

Starting at $45.00 

(XL) Size available $55.00 

  • Integrated Non-Return Valve enables unit to be Disconnected Easily at pressures up to 15,000 PSI (1,034 Bar).
  • Burst Pressure: 22,000 PSI
  • High Quality Tool Steel.
  • Hardened 4-Jaws withstands High Pressures without Deformation
  • Integrated 1/8” NPT Connection. Suitable for Use on most Hand, Battery Powered or Air Operated Grease Guns & Bulk Grease Pumps
  • Ergonomic Thumb Lever Design makes Coupling and Uncoupling totally Effortless. No more Tugging or Time Consuming Effort! No more Stuck Couplers - Twisting, Yanking or using a Screwdriver to get it Off
  • Multi-Year Service Life: High-Performance Hydraulic Seal. No Damage to the Seal, after Several Hundred Uses - No need to buy Spares Kits!
  • Compatible with all Sizes and forms of Mounts. Fits all SAE and Metric Grease Fittings
  • Compact: 2.9” Length x 1.2” Height. Ideal for Use in Small, Tight Spaces.

Available Now



    Gifts Under $500 - View Collection


    Air Filter Cleaner Set  


    AFC’s cutting edge system reduces dirt and debris, helping your engine ‘breath’ easier, in turn, lessening costly engine maintenance. 

    The spinning head with interchangeable nylon air line protects your engine by easily removing dust, bugs and road-grime that can deprive your engine of air.

      The Air Filter Cleaner provides you with the optimal blend of high air flow, filtration efficiency and durability to help with fuel economy, great engine performance and high mileage maintenance for your equipment.

      Whether it’s from field to field or from farm to town, your engines fuel performance is very important. Air Filter Cleaner's advanced cleaning system keeps your vehicle or equipment’s air filter restriction as low as possible; dramatically decreasing fuel usage on motorized equipment.

      The AFC will clean 4" to 11" ID radial seal air filters, shops vac & auto filters. Contact us if a different size is required. 

      Learn More Here


       MacNaught R3 Hose Reels - Starting at $350

      The new R3 family of polypropylene hose reels from Retracta brings robust durability into a new era. 2 years in development, the new R3 range stays true to the Retracta name offering high quality, superior performance and even better value for money.

      The R3 is engineered to maintain the superior reliability and longevity of it’s predecessors.


      Perfect for factory floors, workshops, vehicle dealerships, truck and heavy equipment repair facilities and anywhere safety, longevity and Reel performance are required.

      With a variety of different hose options for different uses, there is a hose for every shop.

      See Available Options


      With Christmas Quickly Approaching ensure that you order your gifts before December 10th to get your gifts before Christmas, or come to our store on Range Road 93 2 Miles North of TWP Road 390 to pick them up in person and get same day order preparation.

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