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More information on the Wrap up Summer Specials Sale!

More information on the Wrap up Summer Specials Sale!

The calendar tells us it is time to start wrapping up Summer 2023 whether we are ready or not! For a lot of people it has been a bit of a tough summer with either too much rain or not enough. Some have been blessed with better crops than they expected due to late rains while for others those rains were just too late! Calf prices and grain prices are higher than some had dared to hope. A lot of it can depend on what side of the fence a person is sitting on but there are always things to be thankful for!!! 

We are grateful for our farm and business and a family to share life with and we greatly appreciate our many customers as well. We decided to wrap up summer 2023 with some specials we can pass on to you. Check the items in this collection and order or request a quote online, give us a call or best yet stop in at our store and come say "hi". These Wrap up Summer Special prices are from Sept. 4-8, 2023. For a few of the products the prices can only be honoured until we run out of stock and there may even be a few additional discounts available at our store for those that can find the time to venture out!!

I know it is a crazy busy time of year so get in touch with us when and how you can. If you are reading this before the sale starts and want to plan ahead - request a quote on our website or give us a call/text. We will try and work with you to get you this week's great deals

One of the best deals is the Free Mineral Feeder that you get with the purchase of an 8000HD or M8000HD Advantage Feeder. First of all, these feeders are an incredible way to be able to make some extra money on cattle with the control feeding options but if you are one of those who just wants to give your calves as much grain as they want you can totally do that with these feeders as well. They are great for cattle of all ages and stages. Ask us how we use them in our operation!! Check out the M8000HD and the 8000HD and choose between the Ameri-Ag Mineral FeederAdvantage Feeders Mineral Feeder or a $300 Huber Ag Store credit available with every 8000 series feeder you purchase during the Wrap up Summer Sale. 

Since we are wrapping up things it seemed like a perfect time to offer a special on the items we use to wrap up hay, straw, silage and even hydraulic hoses! Check out items like our Net wrapTwine, and Outback Wrap and so much more. Don't forget to check out our new Merch section for a hat or hoodie. I hope your fall 2023 will be a great and rewarding one. Thanks for stopping by for a visit!  

P.S. Please note that the discounted prices won't show up on the website until September 4 and products will only show as available for "sale" price during the Wrap up Summer Specials on September 4-8, 2023. More products may still be added! 

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