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If you're looking for gates, corrals, or box stalls that are strong, safe, and good looking, you owe it to yourself to choose Duralume.

Duralume products are made with high-quality Diamond Bar technology, and are heavy-duty yet lightweight aluminum. Their ease of use, pleasing design, and rugged durability will serve you year after year.

Diamond Bar Technology

Duralume offers:

  • Corrals
  • Gates: can be custom made to specification - you can even have logos or name plates welded onto them for a classy finishing touch
  • Group calf hutch pens
  • EberStal box stalls--fine stalls for fine horses

Duralume: The strength of steel. . . the weight of a feather.

Duralume Gate Duralume Spiraled Gate

Customer Testimonials

"I purchased my aluminum panels last summer and I absolutely love them. I travel on my own, so loading and setting up easily is essential. These panels are lightweight, fit perfectly in my trailer's third stall, and are easy to set up. I purchased a gate as well, so getting my mare in and out is safe and simple. My panels have been such a great investment. . . safety and peace of mind knowing my horse is safely contained."

Dianne Smith

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