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Ritchie Combi Clamp

The Combi Clamp is a New Zealand designed, UK manufactured, sheep handling implement used for dagging, drenching, vaccinating, tagging and foot trimming of sheep and goats. This labour saving device allows the sheep to run up the race to the clamp to be at a convenient height to carry out the required tasks without any back-breaking, manhandling of the sheep. A simple foot treadle plate utilises the operator’s weight to securely and safely clamp the sheep in the Combi Clamp allowing animal husbandry tasks to be completed with minimal stress to the animal or operator. The clamp width can be adjusted to allow small lambs, pregnant ewes or even large breeds to be accommodated comfortably. The Combi Clamp can be upgraded to carry out digital weighing, EID reading with auto-shedding.

Outfitted Combi Clamp Unit
Base Combi Clamp Unit

Main features:

  • A large foot treadle allows the operator freedom of movement whilst restraining the animal for treatment
  • Width is fully adjustable to suit different sizes of sheep
  • Linkage is adjustable to suit different weights of operator
  • Easy use for dagging, drenching, vaccinating and tagging
  • Simple non-return hock bar
  • Can be set-up for left or right hand operation

$4,995.00 CAD + Shipping

Please note that pricing is subject to change without notice.

Combi Clamp Accessories

Combi Clamp 3 Way Shedding Gate

3 Way Shedding Gate

  • Gate attaches easily to the exit end of the Combi Clamp
  • Operable from the working position at the clamp
  • Gate allows easy drafting to either side or a straight run through
  • Autodraft unit powered using a 12V battery in conjunction with a Trutest ID3000 or XR3000 indicator

$1,095.00 CAD + Shipping

Combi Clamp Auxiliary Frame Assembly

Auxiliary Frame Assembly

  • Easy to fit, clamp on assembly
  • Holders for marker sprays, and etc
  • Hooks for hanging drench bags
  • Rotating arm for hanging clipper drive unit
  • Hot dipped galvanized finish

$325.00 CAD + Shipping

Combi Clamp Curved Panel Set

Curved Panel Set

  • Ideal for directing sheep through the Combi Clamp
  • Safe edged sheeting
  • Heavy-duty panels
  • Set includes and inner and outer sheeted panel

$695.00 CAD + Shipping

Combi Clamp Wheel Kit

Wheel Kit

  • Simple, easy to fit wheel kit
  • Axle and towing bar slide through sockets located underneath the Combi Clamp
  • Ideal for pulling behind an ATV

$725.00 CAD + Shipping

Combi Clamp Trailer

Combi Clamp Trailer

  • Full Type-approved for road transport (<750kg)
  • Hydraulic ram lift/lowering of wheels
  • Combi Clamp, 3-way shredder, and lead up ramp stay in line
  • Ready to use once the trailer is lowered
  • Set up for left or right hand operation
  • Can carry up to 12 Ritchie Aluminum hurdles
  • Suitable for weighing setup

$7,395.00 CAD + Shipping

Combi Clamp Weigh Kit

  • Frame installed underneath the Combi Clamp main unit in order to attach load bars.
  • Please note: excludes indicators and load bars.

$475.00 CAD + Shipping

And more!

Please note that pricing is subject to change without notice.

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Customer Testimonials

"Livestock love to go through our Combi Clamp. We can perform multiple applications at once, running 300 head through in record time. It's fantastic and the possibilities are endless! You're going to sell a lot of these!"

Grant Smith-Bentley
Alberta, Canada

“It’s a great tool to help sheep farmers. The clipping, trimming and worming all take half the time with less stress to the sheep and myself. The sheep are calm and are happy to stand in the Combi Clamp. I’m no longer tired after a day’s worming!”

Andrew King
Third Generation Farmer

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