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Bale Jail

BALE JAIL is a leader in controlled feeding. Their mission is to design high quality products with lower inputs by developing new innovative feeding equipment to reduce waste and provide you with the best return on investment.

All products are dipped in their hot-galvanized steel coating, offering you three times thicker corrosion resistance. Size and thickness of their tubes varies to ensure products endure even the harshest cattle treatment. Undergoing constant development based on the latest data and information, followed by years of field testing and feed trials, feeders guarantee efficiency.

Products are flexible, easy to load and move. With the exception of the Sliding Gates Hay Feeder, all products can be moved with feed in them. The Cradle Hay Feeders and Sliding Gates Hay Feeders can be loaded with roud bales without the need of a front end loaders.

BALE JAIL hails from Coronation, AB and is part of Advantage Feeders group and continues to expand across Canada, the US, Australia, the UK and New Zealand.


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Roll Loading a Bale Jail Feeder

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